How to Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse

If you have witnessed child abuse or suspect that it is occurring, say something immediately. Report child abuse in Idaho 24/7 by utilizing the following contact information:

Call 2-1-1 and state your intention to report abuse or call 1-855-552-KIDS (855-552-5437) or contact local law enforcement.

If you witness child abuse outside of Idaho, make an effort to connect with the proper authorities. For more information and to find the relevant agency, visit One With Courage.  Read here to know how to respond if a child makes a disclosure of abuse.  

Child abuse and neglect is an epidemic that unfortunately touches every segment of the population. Law enforcement agencies and public advocates work to rescue children from neglectful circumstances, but these organizations often rely on input from the general public. Learning to recognize the signs and symptoms of child abuse gives any casual observer the opportunity to participate in the saving of an innocent child. The following signs are common indicators of abuse or neglect

Sexual Behavior Rules (for School-Age Children)

• It is not OK to show your private parts to others. 

It is not OK to look at other people’s private parts. • It is not OK to touch other people’s private parts. 

It is not OK to use sexual language or make other people uncomfortably with your sexual behavior. 

Child Abuse Statistics

Child abuse is a sobering reality that impacts children and families across the state of Idaho. The following graphs explore the face of child abuse and demonstrate the extent of the problem.

Click here for for additional in-depth insight into child abuse in Idaho 2017 Idaho statistics 

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